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Privacy Policy

Managed by Exitou, Inc., State of Florida


Effective Date: December 2023


1. Introduction

Welcome to Learnfinity, a platform managed by ExiVentures. This Privacy Policy adheres to the GDPR, CCPA, Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, and Nevada Privacy Law, outlining our commitment to protecting your personal data. These regulations aim to give individuals control over their personal data and simplify the regulatory environment for international business.


2. Categories of Personal Data We Collect

We collect:

   - Identifiers: Name, email address.

   - Educational data: Course preferences, progress.


3. Purposes of Processing Your Personal Data

Your data is used to:

   - Deliver personalized services.

   - Communicate effectively.

   - Improve Learnfinity.


4. Legal Bases for Processing (EEA Users)

For EEA users, processing is based on:

   - Consent.

   - Contractual necessity.

   - Legitimate interests.


5. Data Sharing

We share data with:

   - Third-party service providers.

   - Business affiliates.

   - Authorities, when required.


6. Exercising Your Privacy Rights

You can:

   - Access, correct, or delete your data.

   - Request data portability.

   - Opt-out of certain data uses.


7. Age Limitation

Learnfinity is for users 16 and older.


8. International Data Transfers

Data is transferred internationally with necessary safeguards.


9. Changes to This Policy

This policy may be updated. Significant changes will be communicated.


10. Supplemental Notice for California Residents

Under the CCPA, California residents have rights including data access and opt-out of data sales.


11. Supplemental Notice for Virginia Residents

Virginia residents have rights under the Consumer Data Protection Act, including data access and opt-out of targeted advertising.


12. Supplemental Notice for Nevada Residents

Nevada residents can opt-out of personal data sales under Nevada Privacy Law.


13. Data Retention

Data is retained as necessary for our purposes or as required by law.


14. Personal Data Controller

Exitou, Inc., State of Florida, is the data controller.


15. Contact Us

For inquiries about this policy or your data, including AI processing concerns, contact us at


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